The achievements are for things such as tapping goats, fusing goats or completing the Goatpedia, with some being easier to obtain than others. Indeed, many are achieved simply by continuing the app as usual.

The achievements as they appear on the in-game list are featured below. Some are marked only by question marks until they are unlocked - these are indicated by the "hidden" column.


Table of AchievementsEdit

Achievement Name Requirements Hidden
Better Faster Stronger Bought Crate Quality upgrade! No
Goat to Win Reached 1000 coins per second! No
Slumgoat Millionaire Reached 1.0 mi coins per second No
Goat Milk? Tap goats 100 times! No
Kung-Fusion Fuse 100 times! No
I Goat This Purchased 123 goats! No
Goat to hell Opened 666 crates! No
Fully Loaded Max out all Earth upgrades! No
Berry Evolution Evolve a goat affected by a berry! No
Raise the Baaar Unlocked the Fields level! Yes
Mountain Climber Unlocked the Mountains level! Yes
World Domination Unlocked World level! Yes
The End? Create an Ultimate Being! Yes
Got to Goat Them All Complete the Goatpedia No
Parallel Universe Recreate the Universe! Yes
Fortnight Rush Recreate the universe in less than two weeks! Yes
Goatholic Recreate the universe in less than one week! Yes
Flash Mob Have all farm goats wearing the same hat No
The Party Have all farm goats wearing different hats No
Collectables Get one of each hat in the game No
Space Invader Discover Planet Mars No
Classified Report Discover all goats from Mars Yes
Goatbusiness Sell 100 goats to the Martian No
Shine Like Diamonds Sell 2 Nightbaahres to the Martian Yes