In-game icon.

Coins are the basic currency in Goat Evolution, with the premium currency being Diamonds.

The top banner displays your current balance of coins and your coin production rate in coins per second (also displayed as cps). The display shortens the digit length by displaying 1,000,000 as 1.0 Mi, and 1,000,000,000 as 1.0 Bi, etc.

When the fusion bar in the top banner is filled the coin production rate is temporarily doubled. The bar gradually fills each time two goats are fused. Various upgrades can be bought to reduce the number of fusions to fill the bar, and the length of the bonus.

Purchasing the tractor from the upgrade shop allows coins to be collected for up to 2 hours while the app is closed. Further upgrades to the tractor can be purchased, extending it further in increments of half an hour, eventually up to 6 hours.

Coins can be used to buy goats from the Goat Shop, with the prices increasing the more goats you buy. They also allow you to purchase other upgrades from the shop.

There are also in-app purchases which allow you to instantly multiply your coin total by 10, or double your coin production forever.

Poop value

Sprite Coin Value














1.0 Mi


1.0 Mi


Comets are the currency when you are in the Universe area. Poop and Diamonds are still active, but they are like a larger poop.



In-game icon.

Diamonds are the premium currency in Goat Evolution, with the basic currency being Coins.

You can use diamonds to buy goats from the Goat Shop, with prices increasing the more goats you buy.

There are several ways to acquire diamonds:

  • Buying them in the in-game Shop as an in-app purchase (i.e. using real money)
  • From goats affected by blue Berries
  • Watching an advertisement in the shop
  • Wishing for diamonds when recreating the Universe

Diamonds are mainly used to buy goats from the Goat Shop and hats.



In-game icon.

Rubies are the currency used on planet Mars.

Once the World level is unlocked, a Martian will appear, and explain that he will pay rubies for goats. These rubies can then be used to purchase Alien Eggs on Mars, which are the equivalent of crates on Earth.

Rubies can also be used to upgrade Alien Egg Quality on Mars and to buy several hats, with prices ranging from 250,000 rubies to 1.0 million rubies.

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