The Goatpedia is the in-game encyclopaedia that contains images, size information, coin per second statistics and brief descriptions about the goats. Entries are unlocked as each creature is mutated. The game needs to be rest several times to unlock all of the entries.

Each of the goats will be listed below in the order they appear in the Goatpedia, with the arrows showing how they mutate. Note that when the Universe is reset alternate goats are available, in place of the final goat of each stage - these are listed under alternate for ease of viewing.

(The individual pages are being updated periodically as people play through the game)

Farm Baby Goat Right arrow Adult Goat Right arrow Goatant Right arrow Caprivoyant Right arrow Baelder Right arrow Eye of Provibex
Fields Doubleat Right arrow Hoarner Right arrow Miyagoat Right arrow Flatbutt Right arrow Baahlerina Right arrow Curlito
Mountains Capricorny Right arrow Fred Right arrow Goatwins Right arrow Tribex Right arrow Huggoat Right arrow Caprydra
World Alpineye Right arrow Cerebex Right arrow Baahaab Right arrow Goatipede Right arrow Baahphomet Right arrow Lebleathan
Universe Shazaah | Bahcus | Baah-lee | Caprichime
Alternate Food: Bananagoat / Capricake / Supper Goat / Cornocopia
Technology: Tableat / Caprichine / IBEXM PC / Gigabutt
Music: Baaxophone / Timbaah / Caprichords / Astordion
Mars Alien Goat Right arrow Evolved Alien Goat Right arrow Gentlegoat Right arrow Dusthorn Right arrow Gummybeard Right arrow
All-Bleating Eye Right arrow Bellymancer Right arrow Chifruplo Right arrow SpaceGoatzilla Right arrow Ecapribrist Right arrow Goartset Right arrow Nightbaahre

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